We love to tell stories.

While in the past most of these stories have been in documentary form, several companies, organizations, and institutions have granted us the opportunity to apply our knowledge and experience to business communication, marketing, and advertising.

We specialize in video for software and technology companies, but are always looking for new and exciting opportunities in any industry. Below are a few examples of our past work:

Project: Startup America | Television Concept
Client: NerdTV

Description: Acclaimed author/television personality Robert Cringely takes a look at some of the most innovative startup countries across the country.

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Project: AfroPop Season 8 - Trailer | Television Promo
Client: National Black Programming Consortium/PBS World

Description: We had the opportunity to produce, photograph, and edit this promo for Season 8 of PBS's acclaimed AfroPop series.

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Project: Lester's Time Has Come | Kickstarter Promotion
Client: BreadPig

Description: Record companies have taken advantage of musician Lester Chambers of The Chambers Brothers for decades and as a result, today he's poor. Alexis Ohanian and his social enterprise, BreadPig, worked with Lester to organize this Kickstarter to back a new, independently produced album.

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Project: Welcome Aboard: Life at Veson Nautical | Recruiting Video
Client: Veson Nautical

Description: This short video was produced in 2014 to attract some of the best software development talent to Boston based Veson Nautical, a global software firm with regional headquarters in Singapore and London.

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