Project: Come Work at Fog Creek | Recruiting Video
Client: Fog Creek Software

Description: Fog Creek Software is a small, friendly software company in New York City that was designed from the ground up to be a great place to work. This video was made to attract great software developers and interns to the company.

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Project: Business of Software Conference | Web Doc
Client: Business of Software, Ltd.

Description: Video highlights of the popular Business of Software Conference, commissioned to entice software developers from around the world to attend the unparalleled annual event.

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Project: Legacy of Denial | Advocacy Film
Client: Peter Yarrow/PY Productions

Description: Commissioned to highlight musician Peter Yarrow's (of Peter, Paul and Mary) charitable efforts in Vietnam relating to the effects of Agent Orange and the aftermath of the Vietnam War, this short documentary sought to acquaint viewers both young and old on the legacy of the war and tragic effects felt in the region even today.

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